Dupatta Styling Techniques

So you’ve rented the perfect outfit and have a plan for your hair, makeup and jewellery.  Now the big day is here and you find yourself standing in front of the mirror toying with how to wear your dupatta.

There are thousands of different ways to style your dupatta, but to save you time, here are some suggestions:

  1. Off-the-shoulder Reverse Cape (Back-Pinned)

An elegant style that’s perfect if you have a sheer or net dupatta and are looking for full coverage

  1. One-shoulder Border Pallu Style (Shoulder-Pinned)

This is clean and very easy to manage style.  Great choice for those who aren’t used to wearing a dupatta

  1. One-shoulder Drape Around (Shoulder-Pinned)

An elegant style similar to #1, just with slightly less coverage 

  1. One-side Drape Style (Shoulder Pinned)

This is a simple, traditional style of wearing your dupatta.  You can also pin the border at the end around your wrist for a complete hassle-free look. 

  1. Modified Saree Style

A traditional look that’s completely hands-free.  It will stay out of your way and allow your outfit to shine through

  1. Cape Style (Back-Pinned)

A very modern style that is completely hands-free and perfect for dancing the night away